Welcome to Shoes by Armel.

It is with great pleasure that I, Melike, tell you how the story of Armel began.
I have always been interested in entrepreneurship. So during my studies, in 2016, I chose to make an online start with a webshop. At that time, in my opinion, there was no suitable offer for exclusive shoes at an affordable price. Quality and unique designs have always come first for us to this day. Over the years we have had the opportunity to create numerous wonderful collections and in 2020 we expanded into a new branch, namely the bridal collection. Here we offer a range for party and bridal shoes specially designed and made by us. Our bridal shoes come in a light pink box and are wrapped with silk paper. A great addition to the most important day of your life. We get immense joy from the bridal world and hope to help many brides-to-be choose the perfect shoes and accessories for the big day in the future.
We started in Enschede in 2016 and have since expanded to a beautiful and large space of no less than 450m2 in Goor. Our brand is expanding internationally and of course we are extremely proud of this. S inds 2021 ARMEL has officially become our brand name. On Instagram we currently have 198 thousand followers around the world, this is where we share most of our shoe content. If you don't want to miss anything from our collection, follow us on Instagram to always see the latest shoes.
We try to innovate and develop daily. Do you have any additions and tips for us? Then feel free to contact us.
With love,
Melike Yilmaz-Seckin